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Alcohol,harmful effects on the body.

The health effects of alcohol have many aspects. including symptoms that occur shortly after,such as dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and being unable to balance. There was an accident. To the long-term health effects regularly, such as problems with the digestive system, liver, pancreas, heart, brain, reproductive

Benefits of edamame.

Edamame is actually soybeans whose pods are not too young or too young. Nowadays, edamame is easy to buy. Can be eaten in many forms. Both eaten as a snack. Or use it as an ingredient in cooking with other types of food. Edamame is rich in many nutrients. Eating

What is a nutrition labels?

Nutrition labels are nutritional information labels affixed to food and beverage packages under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health. It will indicate the type and amount of nutrients contained in that food or drink in a rectangular box or nutritional information box.  which is