Monochrome Makeup, a great trick that must be shared.

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Monochrome Makeup style is makeup by choosing the same color tone, decorating the eyes, cheeks, and lips gives a natural look. Easy to apply, no need to use many techniques. and emphasizes on giving soft dimensions to the eyes, cheeks, and lips.

For friends who want to try single-tone makeup so that it comes out great and not too dull. Let’s continue to look at the Monochrome Makeup trick.

Magenta line: Welcome back to the hottest neon shades that can be modernized. By choosing a bright dark pink color paired with a graphic liner. Instantly transform from bright to more sour.

Twisted pink: The era of sweet pink is over. This time, let’s try playing with hotter shades of pink by using the contrasting technique with sharp black eyeliner. This will help complete the look and make it look attractive.

Icy baby blue: Twiggy style eyeliner is hot again. But this time, ยูฟ่าเบท we recommend adjusting the contrast that makes the eyes look too deep. By changing the shade to a bright blue. Because it will add a fun vibe and make you look younger as.

Tangering tonic: Color various shades of orange that continue to rise in popularity. It’s a shade that can be used to create a look for the entire face. Whether it’s the eyes, cheeks, or lips, you may add bronzer to add a glow to your skin tone. And protect it from the sun a little for a more seductive and healthy look.

Blooming orchid: Soften the shade of purple that may seem too bold at times by grading the shade of the eyelid to a darker color only close to the edge of the eyelashes. Maybe add a little shine with eye gloss for a bright look.

Yellow mellow: Anyone who doesn’t dare use yellow to decorate their face is advised to start by applying it lightly. Eyelid area and then gradually Shift the color shades to make them brighter, little by little. Or you can choose to mix in a little bit of gold too.

Tricks for single-tone, gradient makeup: If it happens dark eye makeup to apply light colored lips than if light eye makeup to apply dark lips than. To balance the leading point of the eye so that the eyes, cheeks, and mouth do not compete. With each other for prominence ( Trick to remember: dark then light light then dark)

A natural, Everyday Look: Choose a cream blush that is easy to use. The cream blends in with the skin tone. Apply to the cheeks to make them feel flushed and look healthy. Then use blush cream on your eyelids as well at all. Pink and orange tones It will be the color tone of the makeup that Suitable for Monochrome Makeup As for bright red. It is more suitable for decorating with Cool Tone skin tones than Warm Tone.