Dog-cat hair into the lungs can cause death, is it true or not?

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Dog-cat hair into the lungs can cause death, is it true or not?

Many years ago, some people may have heard or read the news. That there are people. Who have died from lung infections. This is caused by pet hair such as dogs or cats getting into the lungs. This may cause anxiety for many families with furry pets living in the home. But can fur really get into human lungs? Report from สมัคร ufabet

Can fur enter the lungs?

In fact, if you try to think for yourself first. You will find that when we breathe air into the body. Must pass through the nostrils. Where the nasal hairs are the first bulwark to filter foreign matter into the trachea Inhaling large amounts of animal hair can lead to infection. So it seems to be a difficult matter. or almost impossible anyway In addition. There are many other foreign body protection processes than those foreign bodies can travel to the lungs.

Mechanisms to prevent foreign matter entering the body through breathing

  1. Nose hair helps filter out dust. Prevent large metal fumes from entering the trachea (metal fumes are very small metal particles found in welding, forging, soldering)
  2. Cilia are small hairs lining the respiratory system. Helps trap microscopic metal dust before it enters the respiratory system by ingestion or vaporization.
  3. The mucous membrane lining is common in various parts. of the respiratory helps trap dust and small metal fume
  4. Coughing and sneezing is the removal of dust. Small metal fumes that reach the terminals of the lungs leave the body in a timely manner.

Therefore, it is very difficult to have large foreign body fur. Visible to the nake eye can accumulated in the lungs Until hurting the body to the point of infection. And can die foreign matter that can enter the lungs Must be very small until almost invisible to the naked eye or smaller than 3-5 microns only

Why is there a severe allergy to fur?

Severe allergy caused by inhalation or near the fur It wasn’t because the wool got into the lungs. But it might be because they inhaled the proteins. More cell debris attached to the wool enters the lungs. which is one of the normal allergy symptoms There is more or less severity for each person.

How to prevent fur allergies

When feeling abnormal symptoms of the body when near pets Should hurry to see a doctor for advice on finding a cure. When the allergy symptoms of each person are different, for example, some people have a full body rash. or some people may have hair loss Or some people may itch on the skin a little. The method of treatment is not the same. From cleaning the house Get rid of pet hair in the house regularly every day. especially in areas where wool accumulates, such as carpets, to taking allergy control pills, etc.

However, it should not start from leaving pets to be a burden to society. If we start raising those animals We should take good responsibility for their lives from the first day until the last day they are with us. If the symptoms are so severe that you can’t actually feed the animal It would be better to announce to the new owner to adopt.