Food is “full” and can help “lose weight”

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Food is “full” and can help “lose weight

The big problem for people who are losing weight. That they eat less and are hungry. Have something to eat and feel full? But does not make you fat Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital from the Pleasehealth Books page  has some recommendations for you. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

Eat something to “full”

Satiety is the feeling of being full in the stomach. Resulting in not feeling the desire to eat for a period of time which found that each type of food will result in a different sense of satiety even though the energy is the same 

Research on this issue has been going on since 1995, with researchers looking at 38 different foods in the same 240 kcal servings. let the sample eat Then compare the feeling of satiety caused by each type of food. 

Foods that make you feel very full are classified as having a high satiety index, making them a good option for people who struggle to feel full and want to lose weight. It was found that the food that falls into this group They often have common features, namely high protein and/or high dietary fiber, for example: 

  • Beans, especially legumes such as kidney beans, black beans, and chickpeas 
  • Eggs are a good, inexpensive source of protein. That helps to fill the satiety well, but for health , should avoid frying or frying with a lot of oil.
  • Fish Compared to other types of meat, fish has a higher satiety index score and contains good fats from omega-3s.
  • Oatmeal is a complex flour that is high in dietary fiber. Suitable for breakfast with milk and nuts.
  • Greek yogurt, due to its higher protein content than regular yogurt, has a higher satiety index.
  • Vegetables: Loading a salad before the main course at each meal has been found to increase the satiety index at that meal. 

If those foods It still doesn’t fill your stomach…

For people who eat and feel full Try adding good protein and fiber to each meal. Add foods with a high satiety index as in the example above. in conjunction with other methods such as chewing slowly, eating mindfully Avoid eating and playing with your mobile phone. 

and most importantly Ask yourself every time It’s really hungry. from the relief in the abdomen Or is it just a craving to fill the empty space in the mind?