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Benefits of edamame.

Edamame is actually soybeans whose pods are not too young or too young. Nowadays, edamame is easy to buy. Can be eaten in many forms. Both eaten as a snack. Or use it as an ingredient in cooking with other types of food. Edamame is rich in many nutrients. Eating

The role of probiotics in health care.

Eating probiotics products will have a positive effect on your health. By replacing the good microbes that the body loses from digestion and other causes. Such as eating incorrectly, stress, lack of rest, and excessive use of antibiotics. use of certain medicines and other environments Traditionally, a healthy digestive system

Get to know nut allergy.

Nut allergy is a condition caused by an allergic reaction to certain proteins in nuts. This is a protein that does not break down after being heated. Therefore, even eating foods that contain cooked beans may cause some people to have allergic reactions.  The body releases